Set of 6 | The Ultimate Collection
Set of 6 | The Ultimate Collection
Set of 6 | The Ultimate Collection
Set of 6 | The Ultimate Collection
Set of 6 | The Ultimate Collection
Set of 6 | The Ultimate Collection
Set of 6 | The Ultimate Collection
Set of 6 | The Ultimate Collection
Set of 6 | The Ultimate Collection
Set of 6 | The Ultimate Collection
Set of 6 | The Ultimate Collection
Set of 6 | The Ultimate Collection
Set of 6 | The Ultimate Collection
Set of 6 | The Ultimate Collection
Set of 6 | The Ultimate Collection
Set of 6 | The Ultimate Collection
Set of 6 | The Ultimate Collection
Set of 6 | The Ultimate Collection
Set of 6 | The Ultimate Collection

Set of 6 | The Ultimate Collection

Six Hybrid Cocktail Glasses + One Free Additional Glass Insert

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  • The Perfect Premium Gift
  • Beautifully Designed and Meticulously Crafted
  • Vacuum Insulated Steel Base
  • Removable Glass Insert
  • The End Of Watered Down Drinks
  • Includes One Additional Glass Insert to Chill in the Freezer ($10 Value)

The Hybrid Cocktail Glass is an impressive addition to your home bar and perfect for any occasion where elegance meets function. It is beautifully designed and meticulously crafted to elevate your cocktail experience. Whether your favorite drink is shaken, stirred, blended or even hot, the Hybrid Cocktail Glass will keep your drink perfect til the last sip.


  • Double-Wall Vacuum Insulated
  • No Messy Condensation Puddles
  • No Coaster Needed
  • Innovative Glass Lock Technology
  • Artisanal Ice Approved
  • Ergonomic Shape


  • Assembled Weight: ~0.8 lbs (0.365 kg)
  • Height: 4.5” (115 mm)
  • Max Width at Glass Top: 3.4” (86 mm)
  • Glass Rim: ~2mm (similar to standard rocks glass)
  • Volume: 12 oz (Double Old Fashioned Size)
  • Cleaning: Hand Wash Only


Quality You Can Feel - The ergonomic shape fits perfectly in your hand and the weight has been optimized to feel as good as it looks. The bottom of the borosilicate glass is thick and durable for muddling cocktails and the rim is 2 mm thick for an optimal drinking experience.

No Metallic Taste or Smell - The borosilicate glass insert ensures your cocktail never has a metallic taste or smell. **Hand wash only to preserve the premium quality and finish of your removable glass insert and vacuum insulated base.**

The Perfect Premium Gift - The Hybrid Cocktail Glass comes stylishly packaged making it a memorable gift for anyone that enjoys cocktails. Whether their favorite drink is shaken, stirred, blended or hot, the Hybrid Cocktail Glass will keep their drink perfect to the last sip.

The End of Watered Down Drinks and Coasters - The vacuum insulated stainless steel base guards against diluting heat transfer to prevent watered down drinks and ensure your cocktail is perfect to the last sip. It also eliminates the need for a coaster, keeping your countertop dry and your hands happy.

Craft Cocktails Simplified - Whether your favorite drink is a Margarita, Gin & Tonic, Negroni, Old Fashioned, Bloody Mary, Rum and Coke, Mai Tai, or even a Hot Toddy, the Hybrid Cocktail Glass eliminates the fuss.

How much liquid does the glass hold?

The glass insert’s volume has been optimized to perform like a double rocks glass and holds 12 oz of liquid. Perfect for a G&T, Margarita, Mai Tai or Double Old Fashioned. 

Should I hand wash my Hybrid Cocktail Glass?

Yes, please hand wash the glass and steel base to preserve the finish. Some dishwashers can damage the measuring graphics on the glass insert. 

Is this product backed by a warranty? 

Yes. Elevated Craft products are designed to last for decades. Long lasting and reusable consumer products have the least environmental impact, and your Hybrid Cocktail Glass is no different. See our warranty policy  for more details.

Is the clear cup made from plastic or glass?

The clear cup is made of high strength borosilicate glass. The bottom of the glass is thick and weighted making it great for muddling right in the cup.

Do large ice cubes fit in the glass?

Yep, large 2" spheres fit perfectly. 

Can I put my glass insert in the freezer?

Yes, you can store the glass insert in the freezer to super chill your beverage. We do not recommend putting the vacuum insulated steel base in the freezer.

Should I put the steel base in the freezer to make it super cold?

The steel base is double wall vacuum insulated and should not be put in the freezer.

How do I use the built-in measuring features?

The measuring features have been calibrated to work best when the glass insert is placed in the steel base and you are looking into the cup at roughly a 45 degree angle.

How do I remove the glass insert from the steel base?

Gently rock the glass insert side to side to release the cup from the glass lock ring.

Is the Glass Lock Ring removable?

No, the Glass Lock Ring is permanently fixed and should not be removed. The glass lock ring has been designed to be ultra durable and not require removal like a traditional gasket. It is normal for the ring to spin. To remove the glass it is best to rock it side to side to release the grip instead of spinning the glass. 

How is the black and copper metal finish applied, is it safe and scratch resistant?

The metal finish is achieved through an advanced physical vapor deposition process also known as PVD coating. This is the same food-safe process commonly used on many knives and utensils you see in the store. The surface is durable and scratch resistant but we recommend hand washing the steel base to preserve the finish.

What are the dimensions of the assembled Hybrid Cocktail Glass?

  • Assembled Weight: ~0.8 lbs (0.365 kg)
  • Height: 4.5” (115 mm)
  • Max Width at Glass Top: 3.4” (86 mm)
  • Glass Rim: 1.5 - 2mm (similar to standard rocks glass)
  • Volume: 12 oz (350 ml)

Elevated Craft products have been designed to last decades when properly cared for and are backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Manufacturing defects are super rare but if you have a problem, we have your back! If you have an issue that you believe is a manufacturer defect, please email us and include photos or videos so we can replace the defective part at no additional cost. All you have to do is email us and we will work with you to make it right.

For a full description of our warranty, please visit here. 

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One Cocktail Glass,
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Customer Reviews

Based on 390 reviews
Bobby W. (Fredericksburg, US)
Great Cocktail Glass!

I have been drinking cocktails out of Yeti's for a long time but my first drink out of the Elevated Craft Hybrid changed my mind. It kept my drink cold but I have experience of drinking out of glass! Plus it fits well in my hand.
Great product and I highly recommend cocktail drinkers to buy the Hybrid Cocktail Glass!

Darrell S. (Henderson, US)
Going the extra mile

In the evening, I do enjoy an Old Fashioned, this is the perfect glass for that. It just works, from the weight to the feel, it belongs. Cheers Elevated Craft

Thank you so much for your kind words about The Hybrid Cocktail Glass! We're thrilled to hear that it's the perfect fit for your evening Old Fashioned. Cheers to you!


Amazing quality love for outdoor drinking, lounging around patio for cocktails or metrics amazing quality

Melissa P. (Maynardville, US)
Totally 💯 The Best

I love that I can just grab an ice cold glass from freezer and enjoy my wine or mixed drink . I am in love with all the products I have 💯🍷

Thank you for your kind words! We are so happy to hear that you are enjoying our Hybrid Cocktail Glass Set and that it has made it easier for you to enjoy your favorite drinks. We appreciate your support and hope you continue to love all of our products. Cheers to you, Melissa!

Kath N. (Cincinnati, US)
Best one yet!!

My husband has a collection of high-end bourbon glasses and ice cube sets. He said this is by far the best system yet. He absolutely loves it!!

Thank you so much for your review. We are thrilled to hear that our Hybrid Cocktail Glass Set is your husband's favorite system yet. We take pride in creating high-quality and functional products, and we are delighted that it has met your expectations. Cheers to many more enjoyable cocktail nights!

Bruce G. (Rohnert Park, US)
Best drinkware

These are very high-quality glasses that don’t leave any marks on furniture. No need for a coaster. Very easy to clean. Absolutely love them.

Thank you for leaving such a positive review for our 'Set of 4 | Party & Save' drinkware. We're thrilled to hear that you love the glasses and that they are easy to clean. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality products that make hosting parties a breeze. Cheers to no more coaster marks! Cheers to you, Bruce!