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Is the Elevated Craft Shaker dishwasher safe?

Your shaker is top-rack dishwasher safe using normal wash settings at home. Take a look at the booklet included in the shaker for more cleaning instructions. 

The Elevated Craft Shaker sounds great, but does it do well with cocktails that use egg whites?

Whiskey Sour, anyone!? The Elevated Craft Shaker works amazingly well to get that perfect foam when incorporating egg whites. When using the dry shake method, just relieve the pressure by twisting the small lid before removing the measuring top. 

How does the double wall vacuum insulation in the tumbler affect dilution? 

With the Elevated Craft Shaker, you still get the essential ice dilution due to the transfer of heat from the room temperature alcohol (or any liquid) to the ice, however, you will not over-dilute your cocktail on a hot day because the internal temperature of the shaker is constant. With the Elevated Craft Shaker, the ice becomes an ingredient that you can predictably dial in depending on the amount of dilution you want. For example, we use large ice for less dilution and small ice if we want more dilution. After about 12-15 seconds of shaking, the beverage has been chilled to its lowest point and is ready to serve! 


How do I know when to stop shaking if the outside of the shaker doesn’t get cold?

If you are asking this question then you have probably shaken up hundreds (or maybe thousands) of cocktails in single wall shakers and you are very curious about the buzz around the Elevated Craft Shaker.

The good news is, you no longer need to freeze your hands to tell if a cocktail is cold but you do have to trust science and get a sense for the timing. Max chill happens around 12-15 seconds after you start shaking when using room temperature liquids and a moderate amount of ice. While shaking, the laws of thermodynamics are working in your favor to bring the contents inside the shaker to thermal equilibrium. Depending on the cocktail ingredients, you may want to shake for longer to aerate the liquid more and enhance the texture. For a drink like a margarita or martini...a quick 12-15 second shake will do the job. In addition, you can play with the type of ice you shake with to really dial in the technique and dilution. Just a reminder, it’s generally not a good idea to shake with crushed ice because it will over dilute your drink and also clog the strainer.


What is a “Hybrid Cocktail Shaker”?

A hybrid shaker is a type of cocktail shaker that does not fit into one of the traditional shaker categories. We call the Elevated Craft Shaker a “Hybrid Shaker” because our design evolved beyond the scope of a traditional 3 piece Cobbler Shaker. By making it double wall vacuum insulated, adding threads, gaskets and a built-in measuring top, the design serves multiple functions and thus becomes a hybrid.


Why haven’t I seen a hybrid shaker like this used in commercial bars?

The Elevated Craft Cocktail Shaker was designed to specifically address the needs of your home bar. Commercial bars have to optimize for speed and cost which is why most of them use two tin cups (aka Boston Shakers). Boston Shakers are cheap and fast but for home use, they can be messy, get stuck together and have a steep learning curve. The Elevated Craft Cocktail Shaker is great when you’re making cocktails for small gatherings at home but if you are slinging drinks in a commercial bar, then we won’t blame you if you stick with your tins.


I have arthritis, will I be able to open the shaker? 

If you can open a jar from the grocery store and unscrew the top of a gatorade bottle without a tool, you should be okay unscrewing the shaker. If your arthritis or grip strength causes you to struggle to unscrew everyday home items then there will be a learning curve with the shaker so please be advised. The good news is that the parts will never get frozen stuck but it does take a little practice to get used to twisting the shaker open / closed. We have found that after a few uses, the steel parts break-in (like a good pair of shoes) and continue to get better and better over time.


How much liquid does the shaker hold?

The main tumbler holds 21.5 ounces of liquid. The total assembled volume of the shaker is 28 oz. When assembled, the shaker can transport pre-batched cocktails, an entire bottle of chilled wine or a 750 ml bottle of your favorite spirit. 


Does the Elevated Craft Shaker work with a Hawthorne Strainer?

Yes. The opening of the shaker tumbler is similar in diameter to a normal pint glass. 

How do I get the best flow using the built-in strainer?

We’ve tested dozens of strainer hole patterns and we arrived on one that allows the best flow at a 45 degree angle. Using an angled pour helps prevent that "glug glug" thing that causes a mess. When muddling berries in the shaker, we recommend pouring from the main tumbler to prevent clogging. 


Will I need to replace the gaskets often?

Nope. Our gaskets are made from distillery grade silicone and they are designed to last forever. That being said, if your garbage disposal (or cat) chews one up then it might help to have a backup set which is why we sell the small gasket kit. We also offer the large gasket as a replacement when you email . The large gasket is not currently an add-on item listed on the site because the early shakers we delivered from our Kickstarter campaign have a different gasket than the shakers sold today. When you email, we just need to confirm your shaker version to ensure you get the right part.  

Is the shaker backed by a warranty?

Yes. The Elevated Craft Shaker is designed to last for decades. Long lasting and reusable consumer products have the least environmental impact, and our shaker is no different. We want this to be the last shaker you will ever need to buy and we are committed to stocking replacement parts to keep you shakin’. See our warranty policy for more details.


Does the measuring top show half measurements? 

Yes. The small line above the embossed oz and ml represents the half mark of that section. The measuring top also works for 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 oz.