HCG Washing Update

November 1, 2022

I want to start by thanking you for being on this journey with us. It is clear at this point that the vast majority of backers LOVE this product and for that I am truly thankful. We’ve received over 240 positive reviews on our site and the overall sentiment for the Hybrid Cocktail Glass is extremely good. These reviews and kind messages have been so inspiring and have helped me push through a lot of the hard stuff that comes along with bringing a new product to market. A few years ago, we mapped out our Core Values at Elevated Craft that you can read below. This update is about Core Value #1- Integrity.
Elevated Craft Core Values
  1. Integrity : be honest, especially when it’s hard.
  2. Attitude : no excuses, embrace the positive side and work smart.
  3. Action-Oriented : always create value.
  4. Passion : for the brand, business and family.
  5. Abundance Mindset : dream bigger, succeed together and optimize for fun.
I’ve always been honest and straightforward with our backers, and something has come to my attention that I’d like to provide a dedicated update on. We recently learned that an unknown number of dishwashers will damage the measuring graphics on the glass insert. The dishwasher does not hurt the actual glass but the steam in some dishwashers gets hot enough to smudge the graphics. Rather than tiptoe around this, I want to be very transparent so please read on.
During the prototyping phase we tested the baked on measuring graphics using industry standard tests and they passed with flying colors. We also ran the glasses through many dishwasher cycles and saw no issues. As fanatical and obsessive as I am, we continued to do these tests as we started getting more and more production samples and it eventually occurred to me that we needed to test as many dishwasher brands as possible so we began to send samples to friends. My personal dishwasher and a couple other dishwashers could not damage the graphics even at the most extreme settings which is why, when we launched the crowdfunding campaign and printed the packaging several months ago, we designed it to say, “Dishwasher Safe.”
But then the gut punch hit. We recently got news back from one of our testers that their newly installed LG dishwasher baked off the graphics. Keep in mind, this is after we ran dozens and dozens of tests on other dishwashers so I had hoped that this particular dishwasher had some crazy unique setting. After a lot of research and testing, we determined that the graphics get damaged from the length of time exposed to steam. In addition to the LG from our test, we’ve started to get a slow trickle of backers this week that have had dishwasher issues so it stands to reason that there are several other dishwasher models on the market that will cause damage. This is upsetting to me because we did a ton of research and had been convinced for the past year that our glass graphics were dishwasher safe, but they are not — at least not to my standard of “dishwasher safe”.
For many of you, this news will not be a big deal because you normally hand wash your barware but, this will disappoint some of you and I am truly sorry.

Moving Forward - Please Hand Wash Only

We highly recommend that you hand wash your glass inserts to preserve the measuring graphics. If you have already washed your glasses in the dishwasher and they look fine then there is a good chance your dishwasher will not damage them but please hand wash moving forward. In all honesty, we just don’t know what percentage of dishwashers have settings that will damage the measuring graphics.

For backers that have had an issue with your glass graphics, we will replace your glass insert.

If you put your glass insert in the dishwasher before this update and the graphics smudged then please follow the steps below.
  1. Email photos of your glass to Support@ElevatedCraft.com
  2. Please include the brand and make of your dishwasher to help our research.
  3. After we receive your email, we will be in contact with you within 4 business days.
Please note, we can only replace glasses that show obvious signs of damage from the dishwasher or a clear manufacturing defect. Like I mentioned above, we’ve been testing the graphics for a year and only recently found some dishwasher models that damage the graphics. This offer is only valid for purchases on Kickstarter / Indiegogo and we must receive your email by November 30th 2022. 
If you are planning to give some of your Crowdfunding HCGs as a gift then please be the ambassador of this message and ask your recipients to hand wash.  The fact that you made this purchase in February/March and have this story to tell means you are a rockstar gift giver! The product is still awesome and if you were to give them something like a high-end whiskey snifter, it would also be hand wash only so it's really not very different. 
As you can imagine, shipping any replacements is a huge expense that we had not planned for and it will stress our budgets but we know it is the right thing to do.
Moving forward, when we launch our new website in the next few weeks, we will make it clear that the glass inserts are hand wash only. We will be changing the packaging to say Hand Wash Only on future production runs and the FAQ section on our site will also say Hand Wash. I’m really sorry for the confusion on this front, it has certainly been a learning experience for me and my team and I’m extremely thankful for your continued support.
Adam Craft