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Elevated Craft® Hybrid Cocktail Shaker
William W.M. (Minneapolis, US)
You need to get this shaker

This innovative product will revolutionize home mixology

Home Bar Essentials Bundle
Fred L. (Bend, US)
Great stuff

High quality stuff

Happy shakin', Fred! Cheers!

Elevated Craft® Hybrid Cocktail Shaker
Roger Y. (San Francisco, US)
Nice and efficient.

It’s cool.

Cheers, Roger!

Elevated Craft® Hybrid Cocktail Shaker
Jacqueline E. (Ocala, US)
Great shaker

I have only use the shaker a few times, but I strongly recommend it. It’s nice having the top double as a measuring device, and it seals up nicely so it doesn’t leak. Is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand, and your hand does not freeze while holding it.

Appreciate your kind words, Jacqueline! Happy shakin' to you!

Elevated Craft® Hybrid Cocktail Shaker
Bruce K. (Pittsburgh, US)
Effortless joy

Mixing drinks has become less messy and a lot more fun. The built-in measurements save on using extra glassware. The shaker is ergonomic and its construction keeps it from frosting or leaking. The pour is precise so there's less mess. This one item has upped my home bar's game.

Cheers to you, Bruce! Thank you so much for your kind words and support!

The Hybrid Cocktail Bundle
Mike B. (Shelby, US)

The Hybrid Cocktail Bundle

Home Bar Essentials Bundle
Tamera C. (Arrington, US)
EC Changed me

When I first discovered them I was like no way why would these people spend so much money to own so many of them? HA! I decided I really wanted to get a shaker after my husband broke my Boston shaker. Then I was hooked, one for the RV and one for the house. I broke down to get a third set because I didn't like washing it to make different drinks and I didn't like not having a set of glasses for guests.

The shaker is great with it's measuring cap, less things to wash. The insulation holds ice overnight and is perfect to take an extra drink to the patio. The hybrid glass holds enough liquid and doesn't leave water rings anywhere. I am looking forward to the beer glass! If you are going to do it, get the bundle you won't be sorry.

Tamera! Thank you so much for your kind words and loyal support of Elevated Craft! We appreciate your support and fandom! Cheers to you!

Elevated Craft® Hybrid Cocktail Shaker
Derek B. (North Brookfield, US)
A must have for any bartender professional or home

I have been using the Elevated Craft Hybrid Cocktail Shaker for years now, I saw it while it was still in crowdfunding stage and knew I had to have it in my toolbox. Needless to say several years later and many purchases of this shaker as gifts I'm loving it even more then I first read about it. It's elegant, works incredibly well, doesn't make a mess and best of all keeps your cocktails nice and cool even on hot summer days.

Thanks so much for your longtime fandom and support, Derek! We raise our glass to you! Cheers!

The Hybrid Cocktail Glass Set
Peter C. (Parker, US)
Great product!

Well built and super functional. I just bought two more.

Thanks for the kind words and support, Peter! Cheers!

Elevated Craft® Hybrid Cocktail Shaker
Robyn S. (Wadmalaw Island, US)
The Best Shaker!

I purchased a cocktail shaker personally after a friend highly recommended it. I love it so much I am now giving everyone I know this for a gift! Sleek, leakproof (the biggest issue with every other shaker I have had) and the measuring cup is a fabulous feature.

Thanks for such an amazing review, Robin! Happy shakin'!

The Hybrid Cocktail Glass
Eric T. (Phoenix, US)

The Hybrid Cocktail Glass

Shake it up baby!

Love our shakers! I think we've purchased about 10 by now!! Make great gifts!

Thanks for your incredible support, Sheri! Cheers to you for spreading the Elevated Craft love!

The Hybrid Cocktail Glass Set
Mary W. (Chicago, US)
Completed my set of Hybrid Cocktail Glasses!

Of course I love my new Copper finished Hybrid Cocktail Glasses! I now own two of each color and two Elevated Craft Cocktail Shakers. I found Elevated Craft at its genesis during crowdfunding and have been a fan ever since.

We'll raise our glass to that! Cheers to being a part of the Elevated Craft family since the beginning, Mary!

Set of 4 | Party & Save
Mick C. (Louisville, US)
Awesome cocktail glasses!

I am a fan of billet silver - I love that the glass inserts have graduated measurements that you can read from inside the glass. Also appreciate the vacuum-sealed "holders" that help keep the drink cold longer. Great set and will be ordering some more!

Thanks for your kind words, Mick! We'll certainly raise our glass to your glowing review! Cheers!

Awesome shaker!

Perfect for making multiple Old Fashions at once. My old shaker would freeze and frost over because we have "the good ice" to cool the mixture down before pouring it into the glass. Couldn't ask for anything better!

Thanks for your kind words, Woody! Happy shakin'!

Love this Cocktail Shaker

I own two HC Cocktail Shakers already. Purchased this one as a gift. Guests that are exposed the shaker all want one of their own.

Spreading the word about our Elevated products! Love to see it! Thanks for your support and fandom, Gary! Cheers!

Set of 4 | Party & Save
George S. (Ronan, US)
Insulated Cocktail Glasses

These glasses have become the go to drink glasses at our home. They work so well and everyone raves about them so we had to order four more.

We'll raise our glass to that! Thanks for the kind words & support, George! Cheers!

Love it!!

I decided to add an insulated shaker to my collection, just to “Mix” things up!
It took a bit to get use to, but my drinks have never been colder!!!
This is now my go to shaker,

Appreciate the kind words, Alex! Happy shakin' to you!

The Hybrid Cocktail Glass Set
Mike E. (Saint Paul, US)
Elevated Craft Cocktail Glass

I’ve been looking for a glass insulated rocks glass. Was tired of plastic and stainless insulated glasses. The Elevated Craft stainless and glass combo fits the bill. No moisture on the outside of the cocktail glass and a quality glass drinking vessel. I’m very happy with it.

We'll raise our glass to that! Cheers, Mike!

Love this shaker!

Thanks so much, Mindy! Happy shakin'!

Set of 4 | Party & Save
Paul W. (Jacksonville, US)
Finally found the perfect match for my scotch

I could not be happier with my purchase of glasses and the shaker. I have spent quite a bit of money on products that made claims that all ended up being misleading or false. Your products are superior to anything I tried previously and I will always return when ready to make other purchases. Thank you so much.

Thank you for kind words and support, Paul! Sláinte!

The Hybrid Cocktail Glass
john C. (Austin, US)
Solid cocktail glass

Keeps cocktails cold for longer than a traditional glass container. Wife keeps her wine in the fridge and she likes that it stays cool for a lot longer. The built in measuring on the glass is an added bones!

Thanks so much for your kind words, John! Really glad to hear both you and your wife enjoy the glass! Cheers to you both!

A well received gift

I bought this for my amateur bartender brother in law for his 70th birthday. Gunmetal shaker was met with total awe! Couldn’t have bought a better gift.

Thanks for the kind words, Jeff! Wishing your brother in law happy shakin'! Cheers to you both!

Only shaker I can use

Had to get another shaker for our patio bar since I can't use any other shaker since getting my first one. And the hybrid glasses are perfect for outdoor cocktails.

We'll raise our glass to that! Cheers, Josh!

The Hybrid Cocktail Glass
John V. (San Jose, US)

I bought this as a gift. I did not use this item. Packaging looks great though