Hybrid Shaker Small Lid Gasket Kit
Hybrid Shaker Small Lid Gasket Kit

Hybrid Shaker Small Lid Gasket Kit

2x Cocktail Shaker Small Lid Gaskets

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Don't let the garbage disposal ruin a good night. Pick up extra gaskets now so you can keep on shakin'. 

• Two replacement silicone gaskets for the small lid.

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Love it.

Anonymous (Houston, US)

This product is amazing. I use it for Christmas gifts as well as gifts in general to friends because I think it’s one of the best gifts you can give anybody.

Thank you so much for your glowing review of our Elevated Cocktail Collection! We're delighted to hear that it has become your go-to gift for both Christmas and general occasions. Cheers to spreading joy and elevating happy hour with our collection! Cheers to you, Tony!

Terence T. (Shakopee, US)
Finally a shaker that doesn’t ****!

I’ve gone through many so called **** proof shakers in my quest for a Cobbler style shaker that wouldn’t **** when shaking up whiskey sours with egg whites. Egg whites creates air pressure when the egg whites emulsify and most seals can’t hold the pressure and cause sticky leakage. I found Elevated Craft online and ordered one to try out. Expensive compared to others but I was at my wits end. And…zero leakage! I liked it so much I bought a second one as batching a bunch of whiskey sours with egg whites is a challenge so it’s best to have an extra shaker on hand. Then I started to look at the kit that comes with picks, low ball tumblers and lids and thought “why not.” So I ordered 2 sets of 2 each so that I could get an additional 2 shakers for my other place. Didn’t think I’d need the HD tumblers but now I’m so glad I ordered them! They are built very solid and I know they’ll hold up well to outdoor cocktail parties. And those picks…wow! Substantial. Won’t be misplacing those anytime soon. You’ve truly thought of everything like the fact that they’re made with a squared shaft to keep the garnishes from spinning and sliding off to easy. Wow! Well done. And did I mention made in America? Bonus! Keep up the great craftsmanship Elevated Craft! I’ll be recommending these products to anyone who will listen and likes only the best stuff like I do.

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with our Home Bar Essential Collection. We are so happy to hear that you have finally found a shaker that doesn't leak! We understand the frustration of dealing with sticky leakage while making cocktails. We are glad that our shaker was able to hold up to the pressure of egg whites. We are also thrilled that you have found our other products, such as the picks, low ball tumblers, and lids, to be useful and well-made. Thank you for recognizing our attention to detail, such as the squared shaft on the picks to prevent garnishes from slipping off. Thank you for recommending us to others, and we hope you continue to enjoy your Home Bar Essential Collection. Cheers to you!


These are amazing, I cannot recommend them enough!

Tore M. (Oslo, NO)

The Elevated Cocktail Collection

Tyler M. (Saco, US)
Outstanding Quality

All pieces were of great quality and well-designed. Fit and finish, along with features are all excellent. Would happily recommend to others to elevate their bar.

Thanks so much for the kind words, Tyler! Cheers!